Send us your vectorel logo

We do the 3D and produce

Receive package up to 1-2 week

"Shape Your Brand"

Our factory converts and produces your logos into 3D labels. Your Pantone codes and details are not lost. In this way, your brand is always one step ahead.

More detailed than embroidery
much more effective


We produce 2 million pieces per year. No products contain carcinogenic substances and PVC.

20 years of experience

LogoMarket INC. was started in 2013. We are working for textile label and badges technology and 3D brand labels. The 3D badges that we design and produce are used effectively Armed Forces, Police uniforms and in many other sectors. It is also preferred by other government organizations, sports clubs and the another sector. The corporate identity is shown in a perfect way.

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Why Us

Our products are produced in more detailed, more accurate colors and shapes compared to embroidery and weaving searches.

3D embossed appearance

Finest detailed

Long lasting

Easy to clean